Turnkey Concept

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Turnkey solutions – unique expertise

With over 1,000 foundations and a combined 30 years of experience, SIC has developed unique specialist knowledge and competence in services and construction for the wind turbine industry. SIC offers solid, sustainable turnkey solutions within the establishment of wind turbine foundations and related civil works for all sizes of wind turbine projects.

Planning and technical consultancy

In the planning phase, SIC offers engineers and builders consultancy and solutions in connection with foundations and all related civil works involved in the establishment of wind turbines.

SIC helps uncover opportunities as well as any pitfalls, for example:

- How to handle unforeseen soil conditions

- Safe solutions regarding establishment of foundations on rocky ground

- Proposed solutions for establishment of road

- Placement of crane sites

- Cable relocation and other construction tasks

HSEQ - Health, safety, environment and quality

At SIC, we are used to customers and authorities making high demands of us in terms of safety, quality and the environment. In order to offer and provide a high degree of quality and still guarantee our customers and suppliers an environmentally friendly and safe work environment, we use specialists in the area for quality, the environment and the work environment.