SIC Services

SIC supplies turnkey solutions for wind turbine foundations and related civil works for all sizes of wind turbine projects. Our services include initial planning and technical consultancy, the actual establishing of various kinds of foundations and all related civil works – as well as quality and safety assurance (HSEQ).

With over 1,000 foundations and a combined 30 years of experience, SIC has developed unique specialist knowledge and competence in services and construction for the wind turbine industry.

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Civil works

At SIC, we are happy to assist in establishing sites for our wind turbine customers. We run the...



At SIC, we work closely with the wind turbine manufacturers to ensure that the technical...


Turnkey Solutions

At SIC we offer our customers effective turnkey solutions in the establishment of wind turbine...

About Us

With 30 years of collective experience, Johan Stenger and Jens Ibsen founded Stenger & Ibsen Construction A/S (SIC) in 2003. SIC is specialised in delivering turnkey solutions in construction work for the onshore wind turbine industry.

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At SIC we offer our customers effective turnkey solutions in the establishment of wind turbine foundations and related civil works. We work with the customer all the way from forest clearing, through planning of the site facilities, to laying of cables. Furthermore, we are experts in various kinds of wind turbine foundations, whether it be rock-anchored or gravity base foundations.

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Våsberget, Sweden

SIC Sverige AB has, on behalf of NV (Nordisk Vindkraft), built roads, plans and foundations for...


Cloud Sweden

SIC Sverige AB is currently building a wind farm consisting of 56 wind turbines on behalf of GIG...


Aaskalen-Osteraasen, Sweden

Stenger & Ibsen Sverige AB are building for Vasa Vind and APG – one of Sweden’s biggest wind farms...